Cooperative LearningCurriculum


Learning Outcomes
Accepts and implements specific corrective teacher feedback. (S4.E3.3)
Listens respectfully to corrective feedback from others (e.g., peers, adults). (S4.E3.4)
Gives corrective feedback respectfully to peers. (S4.E3.5)

Working With Others
Works cooperatively with others. (S4.E4.3a)
Praises the movement performance of others both moreand less-skilled. (S4.E4.4a)
Accepts, recognizes and actively involves others with both higher and lower skill abilities into physical activities and group projects. (S4.E4.5)
Praises others for their success in movement performance. (S4.E4.3b)
Accepts “players” of all skill levels into the physical activity. (S4.E4.4b)

Rules & Etiquette
Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers. (S4.E5.3)
Exhibits etiquette and adherence to rules in a variety of physical activities. (S4.E5.4)
Critiques the etiquette involved in rules of various game activities. (S4.E5.5)

Works independently and safely in physical activity settings. (S4.E6.3)
Works safely with peers and equipment in physical activity settings. (S4.E6.4)
Applies safety principles with age-appropriate physical activities. (S4.E6.5

State Goals
Goal 19 - 19.A.3a; 19.B.3b; 19.C.3a
Goal 20 - 20.A.3a; 20.A.3b; 20.C.3a
Goal 21 - 21.A.3a; 21.A.3b; 21.A.3c; 21.B.3a
Goal 23 - 23.A.3a
Goal 24 - 24.A.2a; 24.A.2b; 24.B.2
Mini Squad Team Drawing
Name Game/Interview
Electricity Tap Activity
Connect 4 relay
Tongue Twister Relay
Paper Towers Activity
Life Jacket Passing Activity/ Group Juggling
Matt Flip Teamwork
Jumprope Challenges
Team Bobsled
Team Pathway Activity
Indiana Jones Activity
Hula Hut Tunnel Escape- & Cone Catcher.
Unit Blue Print

Lesson 1: Introduction to Cooperative Learning: Objectives for Unit-Intro Interview Activity
Lesson 2: Teacher Instruction:Rules and Etiquette of Gym and Culture
Lesson 3: Teacher Guided Intro Activity: Rules and Etiquette of Gym.
Lesson 4: Teacher Guided Discussion: What is Team and put into Mini Squads
Lesson 4: Application Lesson with minimal teacher prompting of culture and etiquette with application activity.
Lesson 5: Teacher guided Discussion into Responsibility/ Following Directions: Following Direction Activity
Lesson 6:Teacher guided instruction to following directions: Student Activity Assessment
Lesson 7: Culminating Direction/Responsibility Activity-Learning Outcome Assessment
Lesson 8: Teacher Led Instruction to Working with Others-Group Team building activity.
Lesson 9: Teacher Led Instruction: Accepting and Giving Feedback- Intro Activity
Lesson 10: Review Accepting and Giving Feedback: Application Activity
Lesson 11: Teacher Led Instruction to Working with Others-Group Team building activity- Refinements and Differentiating
Lesson 12: Culminating Working with Others and Responsibility Activity and Performance Task.

Gym Culture and Expectation Quiz
Respect and Responsibility Checklist
Google Form Peer Assessment “Feedback”
Google Classroom Culture Survey